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Life Begins at 60: Five Experiences to Make You Feel Young Again

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Don’t grow old gracefully, spice up your life with some excitement – your advancing years don’t have to mean joining the pipe and slippers brigade. Maybe you’re looking for 60th birthday ideas for a loved one without making them feel like you’re nudging them towards the pension queue, or perhaps you don’t see age as a barrier and you just want to seek new thrills without letting greying hair and creaking joints stop you. New experiences make us all feel vibrant and alive so here are some ideas to help you roll back the years:

Get pampered

Feeling young again doesn’t have to mean surgery or Botox injections, but there are plenty of more natural beauty, skin and body treatments which can reinvigorate you and give you that glow. There’s plenty you can try from all-over body massages, cutting edge skin creams, or even an organic chocolate face mask. You might not come out looking like an 18-year-old but you will certainly feel rested, relaxed and full of energy, while a decent facial can shave a few years off your appearance.

Fighting spirit

Martial arts don’t have to mean kicking lumps out of each other and rolling around the gym floor. But staying active and getting regular exercise is essential to maintaining vitality and there are plenty of forms of martial arts which suit anyone from eight to 80. Aikido is a passive martial art with the emphasis on self-defence, learning movements which allow you to use an opponent’s speed or strength against them, while slow and patient Tai Chi places the emphasis on movement, flexibility, breathing and health.

Rally driving

Trundling along in the family saloon might make you feel more like Victor Meldrew than Jenson Button, but you can satisfy your need for speed on muddy off-road tracks, or racing through picturesque forest routes. The car does all the hard work so it’s not too gruelling on your body but you still test your skills to the max, or you can even just join the fun as a passenger alongside an expert driver and still enjoy the thrill of high speed driving.

Dream of Wembley

Your peak footballing years may be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream. Get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most exciting football stadiums in the world, including Wembley; see the trophy cabinet up close, explore the dressing rooms and even set foot on the hallowed turf. Just for a day you can imagine what it’s like to score that winning goal and lift the FA Cup.

Take to the skies

Look down on everyone else by gliding through the air with a bird’s eye view of your surroundings. Experience the thrill of flying your own plane with an accompanied lesson, soar through the air in a microlight, or simply enjoy the serenity of a hot air balloon ride. The exhilaration of being so high and so free will leave you feeling on top of the world.

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Stationary Bikes For A Healthier You

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One of the best things you could do for yourself is to constantly eat right and get an adequate amount of exercise. The latter may not seem or feel like a beneficial thing. However, with the right knowledge and equipments at hand, you will surely be convinced. To start with, look into the wonders of using stationary bikes. These are not new to the fitness scene. It has been around for quite a long time. However, what has changed is the introduction of a newly designed framework. You might remember or still feel the dreary effects of the upright bike on your back, neck as well as joints. That was the result of a poorly designed structure where the body had to lean forward and therefore, the longer that they had to stay on the bike, the longer the back and neck had to support weight. In the end, you feel more strain on those body areas than on your legs and abdominal section.

Fortunately, the recumbent design provides an even more gentle approach to the whole pedaling to fitness thing. You will find that it goes very easy on your joints as a low impact regimen. The added comfort of a cushioned back rest will also provide adequate support and therefore eliminate any unnecessary straining. You do not even have to pedal very intensely. You just need to maintain a steady pace a few minutes each day in order to achieve the figure and wellness that you want.

If you are interested, by now you might be thinking what you should buy. Well, the Schwinn recumbent exercise bike comes highly recommended from both fitness gurus and previous customers. They have found great satisfaction with the simple design as well as the latest technology that will provide you with different levels of resistance and preset programs. You can easily set those to your likings with the monitor screens so you will never get bored as well.

Benefits Of Rebounder Workouts

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Simple exercise like running, walking, and jogging do an excellent job of increasing a person’s blood circulation. The unfortunate side effect of these kinds of exercise is the effect they have on the joints, hips and knees. Rebounder workouts offer all of the normal benefits associated with aerobic exercises and basically eliminate any sort of damage done to muscles and joints just like yoga mats. A rebounder is normally about three to nine inches in total diameter, and it is basically a mini-trampoline. Anybody who is health conscious about their body really needs to own a rebounder. One of the most important benefits provided by a rebounder is increasing lymph circulation within one’s body.

Bouncing around on a rebounder could increase the flow in a person’s lymph by as much as 30 percent. The lymph found in the human body has a simple goal of refreshing and detoxing the human body. This piece of the human body is essential for the organs in the body to operate properly. A rebounder will tone up the body, and get rid of flabby thighs and jiggling stomachs. The needak rebounder will also tone up the muscles and burn excess fat. Standard exercises such as hopping, running, walking, and dancing can easily be performed using a rebounder. The greatest benefit that comes along with doing these exercises on a rebounder is the fact that it is soft and bouncy allowing for no straining of the body’s joints.

This proves to be an excellent benefit especially for people with a bit of age under their belt. Older people using a rebounder works wonders for them because as people age their body cannot withstand the intense impacts that come along with normal exercise like running or jogging. Older people can use a rebounder to receive the entire benefits younger people can using the soft touch from a rebounder. It is easy to obtain a complete full body workout using a rebounder with old people. The immune system in the human body absolutely needs to be in top shape to allow for defense against diseases.

When a person is bouncing on a rebounder they will experience a significant amount of what is called G-force. This strong force actually affects all of the cells in the human body. The immune cells in the body that are self-propelled end up becoming up to five times as active as opposed to when they are sitting still. Strangely enough these are also the cells that fight against viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells as well. This is proof that doing exercises on a rebounder will definitely add strength to a person’s immunity.

Mike has been blogging about health fitness and other topics for 5 years. Currently he is a staff writter for home of the needak rebounder.