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Effective Ways to Prevent ADHD Drug Abuse

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Reports of addictions to prescription psycho stimulant drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactive disorder, or ADHD, is now alarming medical health experts. Though they have been deemed effective in treating this disorder, the danger lies in the improper use and abuse of these medications which often lead to a variety of adverse side effects that can trigger gastrointestinal disorders, depression, psychosis, and even death. After reading the overview below, you can find a more thorough examination of these adverse reactions at

Drugs commonly prescribed for ADHD includes Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall. As they are compacted with amphetamine properties to address hyperactive symptoms, they are also classified as schedule II drug in the category of controlled substance, further illustrating how high their potential for addiction is. As we become more aware of the risks involved in the use of these psychotropic medications, the more we should acquire the right know how to effectively prevent our loved ones from falling prey to addiction.

Proper Administration of the Medication

One factor you should always bear in mind is the fact that these drugs are meant to treat a specific disorder and thus should be properly prescribed and administered under the supervision of a health care professional. Additionally, do not take medications if they were not properly advised by a doctor.

Take your medicines only as directed. Do not even think of self medicating. If you feel that you are not getting the effects you are expecting from your daily prescribed doses, then discuss this with your doctor and never try to increase dosage on your own.

Improper and irresponsible medication can lead to substance abuse, increased dependency, and tolerance; as well as brain problems arising from the addiction.

Know the Difference between Use and Abuse

In addition, individuals suffer from a great deal of denial. As these amphetamines boost the person’s energy and euphoria, they become unaware of the fact that they may be taking too much.

Take the Meds as Directed

Most ADHD medications are taken either in capsule or tablet form and should only be ingested this way. When they are crushed, snorted or injected, the effects brought about by the medication are heightened and can lead to addiction. At the same time, taking ADHD medication alongside other drugs such as nasal and cough syrups can increase its “high” effects increasing one’s chances of falling prey to addiction.

Learn About the Risks

An effective way to prevent a person from substance abuse is to forewarn them of the risks and adverse effects involved which may includes heart problems, gastrointestinal disorders and thought alteration such as paranoia, psychosis and suicidal inclinations. Knowledge of these horrifying effects can be enough to keep them off addiction.

Detox Withdrawl and Recovery from Heroin

If you find yourself in the midst of a battle with addictive drugs such as heroin, cocaine or crystal meth you must realize that you are in one of the greatest physical and mental struggles that you will ever encounter in your lifetime. The addiction to heroin and other drugs like it has been the cause of the breakup of many families, careers and the destruction of individual accomplishments and goals.

Heroin addiction recovery involves several steps that must be adhered to properly in order to have a successful recovery. The first thing a heroin addict must realize is that he is addicted and this fact must be admitted as a first step to recovery. When undergoing recovery from heroin you must prepare yourself for the detoxification process. This can be painful not only mentally but physically. By going through detoxification you begin to remove the harmful poisons of this drug from your body. You can expect to experience symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, shaking, itching and other conditions which you may find to be quite frightening.

Following detoxification you will be in the withdrawal phase. During this period you will have strong urges and cravings to begin using your drug again. This is a critical moment in your recovery process and you should have a structured and strong system in place to prevent you from simply returning to your addictive behavior. Your support system can include going to meetings with other addicts, joining a rehab center, having a sponsor or someone to call when the urge to use comes upon you and by also having positive influences around you.

Not only is addiction to illicit drugs a problem today many people find themselves in the grip of addiction to pain pills. It is not uncommon for people to have dilaudid addiction, hydrocodone addiction, demerol addiction, codeine addiction, and oxycontin addiction. The same technique applies for recovering from these prescription drugs as with heroin. You must admit the fact that you are addicted to these drugs and undergo a detoxification process, successfully go through the withdrawal stage and then begin working whichever recovery program you are involved in along with the proper recovery tools in order to avoid relapse. Keep in mind that relapse is a part of the recovery phase and most addicts experience some type of relapse however by sticking with the recovery tools that you have in place and using them effectively you can overcome addictions to heroin and other pain pills successfully.

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Dealing with Infant Acid Reflux

Any person who is suffering from acid reflux can tell you how troubling and extremely painful this condition truly is. Just like in adults, acid reflux in infants is also very common. If you happen to have a child at home, then it is highly suggested that you read on further, so you can find out more regarding this condition.

Acid reflux typically occurs when LES or the Lower Esophageal Sphincter which is the muscle that can be found at the center of your esophagus gets weak. The purpose of this particular muscle is to create a seal so that the foods you eat flows directly into your stomach and stays there. Then again, if this muscle is weakened, it will be unable to fabricate a seal and in effect, the gastric acids in your stomach can seep back up into your esophagus giving you that sour taste and burning sensation along your chest.

Acid reflux in infants usually happens during their first three to four months. If you think that your child is suffering from acid reflux, some of the symptoms that you need to be on the look out for are frequent spitting and vomiting, chronic coughing, sleep problems, bad breath, irritability when they are being fed, persistent crying, frequent hiccups to name a few.

However, some of the symptoms which are above mentioned may also be brought about by other medical problems like gastroenteritis for instance. So, in order for you to find out if your child is indeed plagued by acid reflux, it is best that you consult with your doctor for a more thorough diagnosis.

In adults, one of the simplest, yet effective acid reflux treatment is lifestyle and dietary changes. However, something like that is a bit impossible for a child, so the best infant acid reflux treatment would be is to give your child antacids, acid blockers or acid suppressors. But first, seek the advice of your family doctor before giving your child such medications.

Nutritional Supplements for Your Health

You can find nutritional supplements as both drugs based on vitamins and minerals, and as foods and fruits: bananas, grapes, apples, walnuts, raisins, cherries, as well as cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, yogurt, poultry, fish, cheese, egg, mushrooms and lettuce.

Nutritional supplements provide the necessary ratio of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins, and are recommended for both children and mature people who make physical and intellectual effort or those who want to lose weight fast.

Weight loss nutritional supplements are in the form of tablets, sticks or mixtures, the latter providing a normal diet and administered by mixing the composition with a certain measure of water, milk or fruit juice, just after exercise.

Be aware that some supplements, and nutrition bars or mixtures for weight loss are not effective if you do not make a little fitness, jogging, aerobics or other exercises. These products act on muscle development and therefore must be managed simultaneously with a regular and correct training and a special diet.

If you cannot follow a special diet, you may consume nutrient tablets to maintain figure. They contain fruits and plants that inhibit excessive appetite, burn fat and prevent obesity. As I said not to keep a strict diet, but you have to eat as natural as you can: many fruits and vegetables, no fats, sweets and excess fried foods.

This supplement is recommended for both men and women. The treatment is meant for one month and a half, but the degree of obesity will be taken into account. If it is increased you will receive these weight loss dietary supplements for 3 months and more. Remember these supplements are harder to procure than depression treatment so you will need to see the doctor before you can take them. You will not lose weight now but you will definitely lose it.

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Juicing Recipes to Detox Mercury

Mercury is a heavy metal that is poisonous to our cells especially the cells of our nervous system, so mercury is one of a handful of substances called neurotoxins. Lead, aluminum and cadmium are the other 3 main neurotoxins. Once these toxic heavy metals make into the cells of the nervous system they start reeking havoc. They displace vital minerals and effect the proper functioning of DNA transcriptions. This can cause numbness, dizziness, hearing and orientation problems, memory loss and in extreme cases even death. Toxic heavy metals in brain tissue are also strongly associated with Alzheimer’s and mental decline in the elderly (and younger!).

Mercury is considered one of the worst neurotoxins and is labeled as the number one harmful substance in the US. The widespread pollution of mercury makes it almost certain that everyone of us has at least some amount of mercury in our cells. Mercury is found in all of water systems and most of the seafood that we eat will also contain mercury as a result. Amalgam fillings are also a notorious source of mercury that leaches into our bodies.

Fortunately there are two natural foods that we can make juicing recipes with, safely at home, that can greatly aid our efforts of clearing mercury out of our bodies.  These two amazing foods are cilantro and chlorella.

Cilantro (Chinese parsley) is the the only known food that is effective at removing mercury from nervous system cells and  repairing and reversing DNA damage within those cells. Once ‘ejected’ from inside of the nervous system cells, mercury can then be processed by the liver and sent to the colon, via bile, for elimination.

This is where chlorella comes in. Chlorella is an algae similar to spirulina that we can buy as a supplement. Chlorella is one of the best agents we know for absorbing toxins in the colon so we can ensure that they get removed. Without giving the colon this extra help a lot of the mercury, that we have worked hard at moving to the colon, will get reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and our cells! Obviously a process we want to avoid!

So, the combination of cilantro and chlorella is an extremely effective method for helping us to detox mercury and other toxic heavy metals. This detoxification method also works well for clearing out lead, cadmium and aluminum.

Mercury Detox Juice Recipe
2 handfuls of cilantro
2 apples
1 gram of chlorella

Juice apples (core but leave on the skins, this will increase the amount of antioxidants in the juicer recipe) and cilantro. Stir chlorella into the juicing recipe. For the best  effects this juice should be taken daily. You can also find out more at juice recipes and oral chelation for a toxic heavy metal detox.

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What to Do to Lose Weight Easily

Losing weight is not necessarily a difficult process. If you manage to incorporate weight loss techniques in your daily life you will be able to maintain your weight easily without too much effort. This of course implies that you understand how to lose weight using the proper tips and techniques. Let’s see below some easy daily life tips that can help you shed those extra pounds.

  1. Fat is very bad for your diet. You should understand that having more pounds is different than having excess fat. Fat is more difficult to lose than pounds so you need to do your best and avoid the generation of fat cells in your body. For this reason you should stay away from foods that contain high percentage of fat and sugars and prefer foods that can act as fat burners like nuts, fruits and vegetables and water.
  2. Another thing you need to understand is that weight loss can sometimes take time. How much time you will need exactly depends on how committed you are on your weight loss efforts, how many pounds you want to lose and how fast you want to do it.
  3. Having said the above, you should gather all the patience and willpower you have and focus on your goals. Do not expect super fast results and do not get carried away by the first failures. Whenever you encounter a failure do not get disappointed but visually turn your failures into a success. Imagine your self after achieving your weight loss goals and imagine how would that make you feel. Be positive and try to get courage to continue on your journey. Never forget that weight loss is a journey which means that it has a beginning and an end. If harder you work the quicker you will reach the end.
  4. The balance between a weight loss failure or weight loss success is in daily life activities. Whatever you do during the day can work against or in favor of your weight loss efforts. For example if you take the lift you are not providing any assistance to your efforts, but if you take the stairs you are offering some assistance. This may sound insignificant to you but try to thing of the hundreds of things you do in a week that could assist your efforts. Walking more, doing more manual work at home, making up your garden, washing your car can all work towards your goals and most of the times without even realizing it.

Certainly weight loss is not a subject that can be explained in just 4 points, but for sure the above tips can give you a good idea on how to approach the whole process.

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