Acai Burn and The Benefits of Acai Berry

You may have heard both negative and positive things about Acai Burn so we are looking to answer all your questions here today. Acai Burn comes in pill capsules and can be found on different supplement stores online. This product promises to burn fat although the main ingredient, Acai Berry, does not burn fat. When added to diet and exercise, this product promises to boost your weight loss with its supplement blend.

It manages to burn fat with a number of natural stimulants including garcinia cambogia, gymnema sylvestre, chromium, green tea extract, and caffeine. Some studies show a little … Read more from Detox Cleansing

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Taking Advantage Of Detoxification 2015

Taking supplements, drinking cayenne water and juicing. These are all a part of the wonderful world of detoxification 2015. The holidays are over, and your body is feeling really bloated right now. But, before you resort to detoxification, take the following things into consideration:

Your body automatically goes through the detox process on its own. Technically, a detox is what happens when addicts are trying to rid their bodies of addictive substances. The doctors use prescribed drugs to remove bad drugs. People who are healthy really don’t have to go through the detoxification process. Right?

During the 1400’s, Paracelsus … Read more from Detox Cleansing

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Risks And Cures For Belly Fat

After 30 years, researchers have learned a great deal about the fat stored in the body, and the old idea of fat acting simply as a source of energy has been abandoned. Fat’s far reaching effect on an individual’s health is now recognized, and the fact that accumulated fat in specific areas has a more detrimental effect than fat in others has been confirmed. Belly fat, in particular, the fat that forms around the internal organs, has a far reaching, negative influence on a person’s well being.

This inner fat, known as visceral fat, increases the threat of … Read more from Detox Cleansing

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Victoza. The Next Miracle Weight Loss Drug?

Victoza is a drug originally manufactured to combat the disease of diabetes. Studies have shown that taking it in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet can lead to a 5-10% reduction in body mass. Weight loss studies have been conducted on patients with diabetes as well as those who did not have it and weight loss results were similar. Today, Novo Nordisk, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Victoza, is working to have it approved as a weight loss drug.

Although Victoza has yet to be officially approved for weight loss, it has become a very popular drug for Novo … Read more from Detox Cleansing

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The Best Juice For Clearing Skin

Are you Ready for Your Close-Up? It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Skin

Kat Burkhi has said that we must all have soft skin for spring. We spring clean our homes, so why not clean our skin for spring? In fact, let’s go one better and scrub winter off our entire body!

Kat Burkhi began her career as an interior designer; however, she branched out to create soaps and candles with exquisite fragrances. Kat’s natural body creams are in big demand and her pure and natural skin care products contain the best juice for clearing skin.

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How You Can Benefit From A Lime Juice Cleanse


How You Can Benefit From A Lime Juice Cleanse


If you want to become healthier, there are many benefits to a lime juice cleanse.


One benefit is the way a cleanse removes waste from your body. This benefit alone can increase your health. Not only can eliminating waste help you feel stronger and more energetic, it will also remove toxins that can lead to illness.


Container of lime juice with cut limes

Container of lime juice with cut limes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Weight loss is an additional benefit. As some of your excess weight can be attributed to waste, you can lose … Read more from Detox Cleansing

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