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Why Does Constipation Happen?

Constipation is defined as  irregular, infrequent, or difficult bowel evacuation. Here, being infrequent is defined as <3 times per week, while difficulty is defined as straining more than 25% of the time (for a 15- minute session, that means about 4 minutes of pure straining). These things are bad because they eventually result in certain acute or chronic symptoms that one would only get constipation relief when the bowel movements go back to normal.

To understand why constipation happens, it is important to categorize it into either problems with stool consistency or problems with the defecation behavior itself. That’s because one person may experience constipation due to regular production of hard stools, while another person may experience it even if the produced stools are soft.

Problems with the Stool

Hard stools are most commonly due to dietary problems. And a person produces them because of two things: too little water, or too much fiber.  To understand this, it should be noted that stools take their final form inside the large intestine. Here, any remaining water in the undigested food is absorbed (about 500 mL). So if the person has taken too little water, then the resulting stool becomes too dehydrated, making it hard. As for fiber, they give bulk to our stool. If a person takes too much of it, without a proportionate increase in water intake, it produces stools that are too bulky, making it difficult to push them out.

Problems with Defecation Behavior
As for problems with the defecation behavior itself, the causes are protean. However, they can be divided as those involving the colon or rectum itself (obstructions, colon diseases, rectal prolapse, etc), those involving medication abuse (narcotics, iron supplements, certain antacids, etc), and those in connection with systemic diseases (hypothyroidism, spinal cord injuries, diabetic neuropathy, etc). All of these causes either prevent the intestine from contracting properly, or block the outlet where the stool passes.

What Now?

Thankfully, when constipation does happen, a person has many constipation remedies to choose from. These range from increased fluid intake to biofeedback therapy. All these constipation remedies will work, but depending on how they address the root cause of the problem. Knowing exactly what the problem is therefore, the key to relieving this condition.

How Self-Confidence Breeds Self Control

How Self-Confidence Breeds Self Control

You may be wondering how you can turn your life around. If only I had a secret bullet, you say, where I could simultaneously deal with the several areas I’d like to improve; my health, my productivity at work, and my personal creativity could all use a boost, and the general feel of lag that comes around the holiday season isn’t helping.

More self-confidence

More self-confidence (Photo credit: ESP Indonesia)

Deep down, your probably recognize that your seeming inability to achieve the goals you want stems from some more vital source than just being too busy to work out or not having the time to finish that book of short stories. Self-doubt and a general lack of self-confidence is likely attacking your motivation and keeping you from believing that you can get what you want, on a fundamental level. Let me show you how nurturing your self-confidence can manifest itself throughout your entire life.

• Exercise and Health: Remember how good it feels to have worked out for an extended period of time? That increased muscle tone and the satisfaction of taking care of yourself made you want to keep going to the gym, to push those results even further. Making positive choices inspired you to make even more, to keep that positivity flowing.

• Happiness: One source of happiness is emotional stability. Being confident in your life choices and the general direction of your life will let you enjoy your partner and your social life on a much deeper level. Instead of constantly comparing yourself to others and worrying about being “good enough” you’ll find yourself enjoying your friends’ accomplishments as much as your own. You won’t have to worry as much about emotional instability, sudden mood swings, and a lack of control over your internal state.

• Creativity: Having self-confidence in your own abilities will help you fully explore and hone your skills with a higher level of self-control. Refusing to be overly harsh when judging your own work will free you up to be more productive and to develop your skills. Self-doubt slows down the creative process like molasses, and keeps you from making interesting breakthroughs. Self-confidence will inspire you to trust your work; this trust will give you the drive to keep coming back and making it better.

Cultivating Self Confidence

You can see the benefits that can happen from really gaining a sense of self-confidence in your life. Getting to that state isn’t always easy, however. Here are some posts to get you started.

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Joy Paley is a science and technology writer based in Berkeley, California. She is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and writes onaccredited online degrees for Guide to Online Schools.