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Juicing Recipes to Detox Mercury

Mercury is a heavy metal that is poisonous to our cells especially the cells of our nervous system, so mercury is one of a handful of substances called neurotoxins. Lead, aluminum and cadmium are the other 3 main neurotoxins. Once these toxic heavy metals make into the cells of the nervous system they start reeking havoc. They displace vital minerals and effect the proper functioning of DNA transcriptions. This can cause numbness, dizziness, hearing and orientation problems, memory loss and in extreme cases even death. Toxic heavy metals in brain tissue are also strongly associated with Alzheimer’s and mental decline in the elderly (and younger!).

Mercury is considered one of the worst neurotoxins and is labeled as the number one harmful substance in the US. The widespread pollution of mercury makes it almost certain that everyone of us has at least some amount of mercury in our cells. Mercury is found in all of water systems and most of the seafood that we eat will also contain mercury as a result. Amalgam fillings are also a notorious source of mercury that leaches into our bodies.

Fortunately there are two natural foods that we can make juicing recipes with, safely at home, that can greatly aid our efforts of clearing mercury out of our bodies.  These two amazing foods are cilantro and chlorella.

Cilantro (Chinese parsley) is the the only known food that is effective at removing mercury from nervous system cells and  repairing and reversing DNA damage within those cells. Once ‘ejected’ from inside of the nervous system cells, mercury can then be processed by the liver and sent to the colon, via bile, for elimination.

This is where chlorella comes in. Chlorella is an algae similar to spirulina that we can buy as a supplement. Chlorella is one of the best agents we know for absorbing toxins in the colon so we can ensure that they get removed. Without giving the colon this extra help a lot of the mercury, that we have worked hard at moving to the colon, will get reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and our cells! Obviously a process we want to avoid!

So, the combination of cilantro and chlorella is an extremely effective method for helping us to detox mercury and other toxic heavy metals. This detoxification method also works well for clearing out lead, cadmium and aluminum.

Mercury Detox Juice Recipe
2 handfuls of cilantro
2 apples
1 gram of chlorella

Juice apples (core but leave on the skins, this will increase the amount of antioxidants in the juicer recipe) and cilantro. Stir chlorella into the juicing recipe. For the best  effects this juice should be taken daily. You can also find out more at juice recipes and oral chelation for a toxic heavy metal detox.

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