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Planning your Fitness Regime

Planning your Fitness Regime

We all know that exercise is an extremely important part of our lives. Yet we are reluctant to follow it religiously everyday. There are plenty of excuses and reasons for such reluctance, but none hold the water, as it is actually a result of lack of planning. Celebrities have their life planned out by helpers and assistants, so maybe it is a bit easier for them. But then you are not as busy as them, hence you can surely plan out your own exercise schedule.

There is no task which can be executed successfully without a plan; the same goes for exercise and fitness.  We are not ignorant of the benefits that accrue from fitness. A fit and energetic body helps us to lead a healthy life. It strengthens us and boosts our immunity system. Both our personal and professional lives get more enthusiastic and cheerful. Moreover, it keeps us in shape. All these benefits sound very attractive but in order to attain them, following a planned workout schedule is must.

Some crib that workout takes up lot of time. Nothing more could be farther from truth. While doing one’s regular work, each one of us perform some extra work because we consider them a priority. The moment we decide that staying fit is be a priority for us; we would take out time for it too. The benefits should be sufficient enough to make exercise a priority and an integral part of our daily lives.

The best way to start is to find a place in your house where you will feel most comfortable. It could be a spot next to the window in your living room, or the place next to your bed, maybe the kitchen and even the garage. Make this your fixed zone and keep your equipment, if you are using any, nearby so that at other times they do not come in the way; whereas during workout they should be readily available.

Then once you are in your zone, forget everything and everyone for just 15 minutes. Do your exercise, that’s it. Feel free to do any form of exercise, the one that appeals to you the most. The moment it is over, go on to your next task.

Once you have decided and planned your schedule, you will follow it just as you did your dance classes or match practices. Once regularity seeps into your daily schedule, very soon you will also start enjoying the benefits. You might end up exercising for an hour. Who knows!