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Alternative Ideas for Weight Loss

Alternative Ideas for Weight Loss

There are thousands of published editorials on the topic of weight loss that all preach the same gospel; ditch the high calorie fattening treats for a healthier diet and do tons of exercise. We all know that this is the right way to go about losing weight and starting a new healthier routine but there are some rather vital fast weight loss tips that can often be over looked. Following are some easy guidelines that should be incorporated into your weight loss plan, without incorporating these guidelines could be detrimental to your progress.

1. Get more sleep- Studies show that lack of sleep can trigger the same hormone in the body that controls the appetite. This suggests that dieters that do not get their full quota of sleep per night are more susceptible to weight gain. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you ensure you get a least 7 hours of good sleep a night. Some people can find this difficult but if you are dedicated to weight loss then get more sleep!

2. Create calm in the bedroom- To guarantee you get a night full of soporific sleep, your bedtime routine needs to be soothing and that includes your bedroom. Make sure your bedroom is clear of clutter and a tranquil place where you can unwind and drift off into slumber. If you can cope, take away any gadgets that may distract you from sleep such as televisions, telephones and computers.

3. Eat right- Making certain you consume the right things in the evening can prepare you for sleep and avoid stomach bloating. If you eat foods such as milk, bananas, sweet potatoes and brown rice you will evade feeling blown up and your body will become more relaxed and ready for sleeps. Stay away from stimulating foods such as teas, coffee, chocolate and alcohol. Smoking should be avoided too.

4. Reduce stress levels- Feeling stressed all of the time is bad for your well being and is very damaging to weight loss. Research shows that the hormone cortisone is secreted into the body when under stress and has many negative effects on your health and will hinder any weight loss results achieved. Leave your stress at the door and use relaxation techniques when at home to calm down after a day of work. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to de-stress. You could even learn how to massage yourself and engage in regular massage therapy with a partner.

5. Small portions- Trade in your large dinner plate for a smaller plate for meals. We are all guilty for clearing our plates, so reducing our portion sizes will in turn reduce the amount of food we are consuming. This is an obvious adjustment but can be overlooked, so breaking life long habits can make the change you need.