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The Secrets you must know about the Salt Water Flush Cleanse

I know the first question one is likely to ask when the idea of cleansing the body using the salt water flush technique is whether it is effective or even practical. This is one of the simplest ways to detox your system of accumulated debris and toxins using a homemade salt solution. The good thing about this technique other than being safe and affordable is that the process is not complicated at all and the solution can be made from kitchen ingredients. Sea salt free of iodine, chloride and fluoride and purified warm water is all that is required to make this doctor recommended solution. Note that regular table salt may not work properly because it has impurities in it.

Mix a quart of pure or spring lukewarm water with two tea spoonsful of salt and drink the solution the first thing in the morning – before breakfast. This cleansing method works well on empty stomach. You should notice bowel movements within the hour followed by regular desire to visit the restroom. At this time, it is beneficial to take lots of water to aid the cleansing process. Other than maybe loose stool, there will be no other undesired effects of this process. It is safe to do this as regular as weekly although it is advisable to cleanse the colon and the entire digestive system once in a month or two.

If you need to get more information pertaining this process, read the master cleanse secrets review online and gain more knowledge and efficiency of the procedure. We need not depend on medical laxatives to clean our bowels because they are even not effective in cleaning the colon alone. If you have to, you can combine the salt water concoction process with a herbal tea laxative in order to hasten the process and guarantee better cleansing.