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A Simple Detox Diet

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You permanently have a feeling of oversaturation, you feel heavy and your stomach has taken proportions and you what to lose weight quickly? Then, it is time to start a diet to eliminate toxins from the body. More energy, glowing skin, flat belly and scintillating eyes are just some of the benefits of this diet.

At times, it is best to “deprive” the body of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and food additives, namely emulsifiers, preservatives and dyes containing precooked products. Vitality loss, cellulite, acne, bloating, not to mention the headaches, chronic fatigue, stress and allergies are all, in most cases, signs of a bad diet, with a high content of synthetic substances. And if you add a quick weight loss diet your body will suffer serious damage.

Experts also recommend a detox diet for the treatment of several diseases, not only to combat bloating and stress. But if you are under treatment or suffer from any illness, consult your doctor before starting any diet.

Liquids and fruits are the basis

The best time for this diet is the weekend because allegedly you have fewer worries and problems to solve. During this period you have to smoke less and to reduce coffee and alcohol. Otherwise, the positive effects will be less obvious.

First day

The first thing you need to do after you wake up is to squeeze the juice of a medium lemon a large glass with water and drink it. Then, every hour, drink one large glass of water. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat a fruit salad with a lot of apples and oranges – and perhaps other fruits, depending on the season. Also, drink herbal teas.

Second day

The diet is the same as the first day, only at breakfast and lunch you can add sesame and sunflower seeds.