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Detoxify With a Juice Fast

So many people around the world are adopting the standard American diet (SAD) to their own detriment. Foods containing hydrogenated oils, refined sugars and processed white grains are said to be responsible for our epidemic numbers of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Our bodies need to be nourished properly in order to remain disease free and maintain vitality. It is always a good idea to take your health into your own hands. One way to facilitate detoxification in your body and get yourself back on track is to undertake a juice fast. Freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices are rich in nutrients and nourishing.

In order to perform a juice detox, one would forego foods for 2-10 days and replace them with freshly prepared juices several times each day. Fiber can be harsh to assimilate. Extracting the juice from produce separates the easily digestible juice along with its enzyme and nutrient content from the fiber. Fasting from time to time gives your digestive system a well-deserved break and allows your colon to cleanse.

At the completion of a juice fast it is vital to continue on a healthful path. It is important that you try to eliminate processed junk foods. Take small steps by replacing bad foods with good ones a little bit at a time. If you take the trouble to fast, it is beneficial to continue releasing toxins from your body. Resuming your old, unhealthy lifestyle will only build toxins again.

It is virtually impossible to eat the quantities of fruits and vegetables you would need in order to match the nutrient content of a glass of freshly pressed juice. Try a green juice containing kale, collard, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, green apple, carrot, a slim slice of fresh ginger (or more to taste), and a half of a fresh, organic lemon. By adding the lemon, you will cut the potent flavor of the concentrated greens making them more palatable. The ginger is a great blood detoxifier and will enhance the effect of the juice.

Since mounting research continues to tout the health benefits of consuming fresh vegetables and fruits, it makes sense to detoxify with a juice fast. In just one glass of juice, you can pack in the daily recommended produce intake and more.

Let’s lift our glass of green juice to better health!