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How Yoga helps in Weight Loss

This post is contributed by Rose Shapas from Bodyman.dk, a Danish store which specializes in bodybuilding and sports supplements.

Yoga is a traditional meditative process that combines mental and physical faculties of the body which help to not only increase mental peace but is also a form of good exercise for the body. The proof of the benefits of yoga lies in the fact that various celebrities and athletes who already have perfect bodies take part in this activity. A lot of scientific studies have shown that yoga has the power to help lose calories in a healthy manner because it uses all parts of the body and it helps to relax your mind, something which is very important for bodybuilders.

Although, it is true that yoga will help you lose less amount of weight than other exercises because it is a less strenuous amount of exercise, it is an important activity that has a dual advantage. Yoga has been advised by various psychiatrists, nutrition experts and fitness experts as a form of perfect exercise for the mind and body.

Yoga is especially important for people to maintain their weight; according to a study performed by Alan Kristal, DPH. On an average, yoga can help you to maintain your weight and even lose a few pounds. According to such experts, yoga can help make a connection between your mind and body and through this connection you become more aware of what you eat and how to control it.

So what are some prerequisites to doing yoga effectively and how can you incorporate it into your daily schedule easily? You can either join a yoga class where you can help make the mind-body connection in or you can even learn to do yoga at home. Various online lessons and DVDs can teach you how to do yoga effectively.

If you choose to do yoga at home, it is preferable if you have a room where you can see yourself, a large mirror sitting in front of you would do the job adequately. This is important because you need to make sure you are doing the exercises properly and it will help to make the internal connection with ease.

Another very important and central idea in yoga is to experience every move you make right from your breathing to the way your head moves. The essence of yoga lies in the ability to feel and experience each of your movements; try to feel all your body parts in their individual movements. Yoga experts also advise you to practice praising yourself and learning positive self-cognitive self-talk. Also with yoga it is better if you follow a certain routine; usually yoga works best for your mental state of mind when done in the morning.

Remember, that at the core of yoga is the exercise and the objective is to make your body and muscles stronger. Don’t forget to supplement your exercise efforts with a healthy and nutritious diet; use dietary supplements like protein powder and proteinbars for this purpose. Incorporate yoga in your daily routine to gain its maximum benefits, to help increase your patience level and self-control level and to increase your body’s flexibility and your muscles’ strength.

A Simple Detox Diet

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You permanently have a feeling of oversaturation, you feel heavy and your stomach has taken proportions and you what to lose weight quickly? Then, it is time to start a diet to eliminate toxins from the body. More energy, glowing skin, flat belly and scintillating eyes are just some of the benefits of this diet.

At times, it is best to “deprive” the body of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and food additives, namely emulsifiers, preservatives and dyes containing precooked products. Vitality loss, cellulite, acne, bloating, not to mention the headaches, chronic fatigue, stress and allergies are all, in most cases, signs of a bad diet, with a high content of synthetic substances. And if you add a quick weight loss diet your body will suffer serious damage.

Experts also recommend a detox diet for the treatment of several diseases, not only to combat bloating and stress. But if you are under treatment or suffer from any illness, consult your doctor before starting any diet.

Liquids and fruits are the basis

The best time for this diet is the weekend because allegedly you have fewer worries and problems to solve. During this period you have to smoke less and to reduce coffee and alcohol. Otherwise, the positive effects will be less obvious.

First day

The first thing you need to do after you wake up is to squeeze the juice of a medium lemon a large glass with water and drink it. Then, every hour, drink one large glass of water. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat a fruit salad with a lot of apples and oranges – and perhaps other fruits, depending on the season. Also, drink herbal teas.

Second day

The diet is the same as the first day, only at breakfast and lunch you can add sesame and sunflower seeds.

Detoxification for a Healthier Body

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Detox cleanse has gained popularity because of much celebrity endorsements. Another reason why most people opt for detoxification is its cleansing power. It helps to wash away toxins are on inside the body which can cause indigestion, insufficient urination and irregular bowel movement. Detoxification also helps the excretory system in filtering the body of waste products and viruses.

The most vital detox organ of the body is the colon. It is responsible for keeping the body free from any toxic materials and waste products which may slow down the digestion process.  As soon as it drives out toxins inside your body, your body will begin to function quite normally. If there are is too much toxic build up, the colon will not be able to flush all the waste products and other body parts responsible for digestion will also begin to falter. Exercise and proper diet should always be included in any detoxification programs to avoid relapses.

Complete wellness and health are always intertwined. This is why lots of people undergo detoxification process because of its ability to restore quality cells and refurbish your colon’s capacity to wash impurities.

The first target of colon cleanse is the entire intestine during the first stage. It gently cleanses and purifies this certain area of the body and ensures that there is no fecal matters left which may be converted to toxins if not flushed successfully.

Reconstruction of the colon is involved in the next stage as toxins and other impurities are already washed out. Nutrients are supplied to repair damaged area inside the body. These nutrients are going to strengthen the colon and shield it against toxic matters. Drinking plenty of water also hastens the healing process.

Another process involved in the restoration stage is the absorption of right nutrients. The body will then resume its normal function once toxins are totally eliminated. To maintain a healthy body, you should eat fiber enriched foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Unprocessed foods should also be avoided at all costs as bad health problems will eventually come back if we don’t watch what we eat.

After the purification and restoration process comes the maintenance program.  Your body is at its healthiest stage after detox and cleanse. A change in your lifestyle is essential at this stage to remain healthy and fit. Keep away from unhealthy foods and other sources of toxins. Drinking plenty of water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables is still encouraged for more absorption of nutrients.

Stay Young and Fit With Antioxidants

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Stay Young and Fit With Antioxidants

All of us are afraid of growing old. Want to know the secret of slowing down aging without going under the knife? Read on to find out.

Do you ever wonder why some people tend to age more slowly than others and are still able to maintain a youthful glow? That is because of the food choices they make. More probably because they eat foods rich in anti-oxidants.

You must have heard of anti-oxidants from ads placed in magazines, medical journals, and television and radio programs. They also appear on many products ranging from hand creams to supplemental pills. But how do anti-oxidants actually work for you?

Antioxidants fight the aging process of the body. The body is not capable of producing antioxidants so you need to consume foods that contain them. Everyday, millions of cells die and are created again by the body. This process is called cellular metabolism. More energy and cells are produced by the body as it repairs damages in our system. A disadvantage of this process, however, is the production of free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules that are dangerous to the body as they steal electrons from healthy cells (they lack electrons). Some effects of this are symptomatic and asymptomatic. They manifest in the development of diseases like diabetes, arthritis, cancer and other neurological problems as we grow old. Thinner skin, wrinkles, and brittle bones become a problem as well. Free radicals are also caused by radiation and cigarette smoking. The more free radicals we have in our body increases our risk of more diseases.

Antioxidants help prevent free radicals from destroying the body by combining with them and neutralizing them. Free radicals are rendered ineffective when they are neutralized. There are no scientific studies on how to fight the bad effects of free radicals but scientists are sure though that consuming foods rich in antioxidants are of great help.

Antioxidants are not difficult to find. Just go through the grocery aisle or a farmer’s market and you can buy fruits and vegetables that are rich in it.

Examples of antioxidants include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Lutein

  • Lycopene

  • Beta-carotene

Zinc and selenium has also anti-oxidant-like properties as they increase the strength of the immune system and fight against free radicals.

Foods that also contain anti-oxidants are nuts, legumes, seafood, and red meat. A variation of food and veggies also increase anti-oxidant levels in your body and increase your chances of getting rid of diseases before they even start. Eating fruits and vegetables at their freshest ad natural form is best unlike when they are in the form of juices.

Food doesn’t only relieve hunger. The natural substances found in them are beneficial to our health so we can live longer and disease-free.

Colon Cleansing and Detox – Acai Ultimate

Colon Cleansing and Detox – Acai Ultimate

Colon Cleansing and body detoxification has taken the medical world by storm. People from all walks of life have benefited from these advance internal cleansing programs. Colon Cleansing and Detox programs have been a breakthrough in overcoming the occasional constipation, skin problems, tiredness and bloating while rejuvenating your energy and helping you lose weight.

So what is actually Colon Cleansing and body detoxification? It is simply, as the name suggests, cleansing your colon and detoxifying your body to fight against numerous toxic and poisonous wastes that enters your body through various food items and the air you breathe. It is just like tons of toxic filled fecal matters being stuck in your colon for months. Just imagine the damage they would do!

It is imperative and highly crucial to your health to safely filter out these wastes and the only thing that can help you do just that is Colon Cleansing. So don’t wait and get yourself a lean and smart looking body today!