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Why Lose Weight in a Week?

This article will tell you the fastest way to lose weight in a week, but the main intent is not to teach you how to lose weight in a week, but rather to explain why you should not have this as your goal! As someone that did the yo-yo diets for well over a decade with one failure after another, I learned that short-term weight loss goals are not good, they’re worse than not dieting at all. To illustrate, let us begin with the fastest way to lose weight, see what is really going on, and then see why it is not a good idea.

The quickest way to lose weight in a week, and also dangerous if taken to extremes, is to not eat and to exercise as much as possible. The old adage, “eat less, exercise more” taken to the extreme becomes “fast and be as active as possible.” Do not fast unless you have consulted with your physician and know how to transition off of a fast or you could get quite ill. Also, if you exercise too much, you will easily become faint and perhaps pass out.

However, if your body is up for the task, you can fast for a week without any food fairly safely, just be sure to drink water and do not overexert yourself. Your body will eat both your muscles and fat, so if you do this frequently, you will basically look like a smaller version of yourself. This is how I lost seventy five pounds in six months, coupled with a raw foods diet when not fasting.

If your goal is to look better, fasting will not help unless you are extremely obese, and then transition to something that will keep the weight off and be more sustainable than your current exercise and nutrition habits. The body returns to its natural state unless a new set-point is established and maintained for a period of several months. And a new set-point is not established by accident; it requires a change in habits, and will only last as long as the change in habits is maintained.

Losing weight in a week helps almost nobody, and after extreme dieting, people lose their metabolically expensive muscle and down regulate their metabolism (their bodies think, “I am starving, so I should convert all new food into fat”), which leads to the yo-yo effect I am sure you are all too familiar with. Lose weight, and rebound with more than you started with. Think long term; adopt a more active exercise regime, and improve your general eating habits. Improve consistently, little by little, and you will no longer have to consider fast and futile weight loss fads.

The author is a power-lifter and “former fat boy” that writes about health on everything from acne scar treatment to weight loss and sleep tips.

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Does Colon Cleansing Help in Losing Weight?

More and more people are finding ways to lose extra weight. Now almost all foods, dietary supplements and others say they promote weight loss. Obesity is a major problem when it comes to health and fashion. Of course no one wants to be overweight for her is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. With all the many processes that help shrug obesity, colon cleansing is now in effect told to lose weight.

But is colon cleansing really the way to go to help with weight loss? The answer to this question would be: “Yes indeed”

But we understand that although it may be possible that colon cleansing helps with weight loss, it will not make you lose weight by yourself. Colon cleansing is simply the cleaning of stranded toxins from our body. These toxins are getting stuck in the colon walls and piled more and more. Because of their volume, they can affect a person’s weight. Therefore, given these toxins actually promote weight loss.

Colon cleansing  helps you eradicate the toxins. We can also do this through natural methods such as dieting and fasting. Take a colon cleanse diet mostly fresh fruit and vegetables for a few weeks just cooked without quantities and processed foods. This will help you flush, all unnecessary waste from your colon.

In the day of your cleansing, you can’t eat anything, because you have to fast. The only thing you can do is drink liquids such as smoothies and water. After fasting, you will gain an enormous effect on your digestive health. It can even lead to losing some weight.

But you must understand that although colon cleansing helps with weight loss, can not expect a big impact on your character. This is a serious exercise and discipline in your diet. The colon cleanse will only affect your weight, but adds only be effective, external to your body mass.

A colon cleanse helps in weight loss by keeping your digestive system healthy, so that the nutrients from the foods you eat are absorbed completely. If this happens, it is less weight to build up in your colon for the future clues. In this way, it will not be adding wastes and toxins in your body weight. You can not see effects of your waist, but what it does is clean from the inside.

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The Many Benefits of the Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

Other names for the Cayenne pepper cleanse are lemonade cleanse or Master Cleanse and the most active ingredient is the cayenne pepper. The lemonade drink is prepared by mixing maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water for a detoxification and elimination process which can be sped up up with the aid of laxative tea.

The Cayenne pepper cleanse contains active ingredients that are powerful enough to get rid of dangerous toxins and accumulated wastes from our body’s systems. Dangerous toxins enter the body as a result of the food we eat and the type of environment we live in, so it cannot be completely eradicated from our environment. However, continuous exposure to toxins can have negative effects on our body and increases chances of contracting diseases all the time. Cleansing and detoxification of our body remains the best way of getting the rid of these foreign agents so the body can be energized.

Moreover, the maple syrup that is contain in the cayenne pepper cleanse is loaded with complex sugar and useful energy; also, the acidity of lemon juice has the capacity to rid our body of toxins and other waste materials. Cayenne contains capsaicin. This ingredient is the major reason for the hot sensations and it helps in appetite reduction and in getting rid of excess mucus from the body. Cayenne pepper and mucus production go hand in hand, so you can even use it to help rid yourself of a cold.

A detox cleanse like this one is good for in several ways. Many users of this recipe confirmed its effectiveness as a giver of energy and also it is very good for somebody that wants to lose weight faster.

The normal dosage of the diet drink as recommended by the doctor who invented it is between six and eight glasses per day. Just prepare a pitcher when you wake up in the morning, then drink it anytime you are feeling hungry or feel you need some energy. But, if you want to make use of the cayenne pepper to reduce your weight, make sure you are drinking at least six cups in a day and it must be accompanied with plenty of water, because water will prevent dehydration and will also clean away toxins from the system.

Finally, during the use of the cleanse as a detoxifier, some noticeable symptoms like rashes, headache or flu has been recorded but will eventually go away within a few days as the detoxification progresses.

How Yoga helps in Weight Loss

This post is contributed by Rose Shapas from Bodyman.dk, a Danish store which specializes in bodybuilding and sports supplements.

Yoga is a traditional meditative process that combines mental and physical faculties of the body which help to not only increase mental peace but is also a form of good exercise for the body. The proof of the benefits of yoga lies in the fact that various celebrities and athletes who already have perfect bodies take part in this activity. A lot of scientific studies have shown that yoga has the power to help lose calories in a healthy manner because it uses all parts of the body and it helps to relax your mind, something which is very important for bodybuilders.

Although, it is true that yoga will help you lose less amount of weight than other exercises because it is a less strenuous amount of exercise, it is an important activity that has a dual advantage. Yoga has been advised by various psychiatrists, nutrition experts and fitness experts as a form of perfect exercise for the mind and body.

Yoga is especially important for people to maintain their weight; according to a study performed by Alan Kristal, DPH. On an average, yoga can help you to maintain your weight and even lose a few pounds. According to such experts, yoga can help make a connection between your mind and body and through this connection you become more aware of what you eat and how to control it.

So what are some prerequisites to doing yoga effectively and how can you incorporate it into your daily schedule easily? You can either join a yoga class where you can help make the mind-body connection in or you can even learn to do yoga at home. Various online lessons and DVDs can teach you how to do yoga effectively.

If you choose to do yoga at home, it is preferable if you have a room where you can see yourself, a large mirror sitting in front of you would do the job adequately. This is important because you need to make sure you are doing the exercises properly and it will help to make the internal connection with ease.

Another very important and central idea in yoga is to experience every move you make right from your breathing to the way your head moves. The essence of yoga lies in the ability to feel and experience each of your movements; try to feel all your body parts in their individual movements. Yoga experts also advise you to practice praising yourself and learning positive self-cognitive self-talk. Also with yoga it is better if you follow a certain routine; usually yoga works best for your mental state of mind when done in the morning.

Remember, that at the core of yoga is the exercise and the objective is to make your body and muscles stronger. Don’t forget to supplement your exercise efforts with a healthy and nutritious diet; use dietary supplements like protein powder and proteinbars for this purpose. Incorporate yoga in your daily routine to gain its maximum benefits, to help increase your patience level and self-control level and to increase your body’s flexibility and your muscles’ strength.