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All in one Detox for Weight Loss

The weight loss detox diet becomes very popular for many people who want to lose weight. Thus is also very popular for celebrities. This is the reason why a lot of people also want to try this new diet plan. This kind of diet can allow people to lose lots of weight faster. People can feel the difference in their weight as fast as 1 to 3 weeks. They can lose 5 to 7 pound in a matter of two weeks. It might sound very great for people who really want to lose weight, but the weight go back after the detox is over.

This is because people in this kind of diet are not eating anything. This detox diet is basically a liquid diet the same as in lemonade diet. It is a severe calories deficient diet that can allow the bod to lose large amount of weight in a short span of time. As soon as the person starts eating again, all his weight will definitely come back. This is just enough for an actress who wants to lose weight for a particular scene, but it will not work if you want to lose weight for life.

Although, this kind of diet will not give you long term effect for weight loss, it can give you lots of healthful benefits. For instance, if you are going to detox in a proper manner, you will see some great changes in your skin. You can eliminate cellulite as well as your fat will start to melt down. It is important for people who are in this kind of detox diet to have plenty m of sleep and have sustained energy all throughout the day. This kind if diet is not a fad or scam diet, because it can give lots of benefits into the body.

People who are in detox diet should take vitamin regularly. People should still get all the vitamin, minerals, and nutrients that their body need. It only means that fasting is not the right thing to do. You have to eat healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants like fruits and vegetables. Thus will enable your body to flush out all the chemicals and toxins you have accumulated from unhealthy foods that you consumed. You should always remember that losing weight needs physical exercise routines or activities that will make your body move. If you want to lose weight for long term, you need to include exercise routine within your detox diet.

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Lose Weight Fast with The Lemonade Diet

In an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show to promote her movie Dreamgirls, Beyonce Knowles told Oprah that in order to lose weight fast for her part as Deena Jones the skinny lead singer based upon the real life singer Diana Ross, she had to go the extra mile.

To do so Beyonce followed the Master Cleanse Diet which is also known as the Lemonade Diet or Lemonade Fast. The diet or master cleanse is a liquid diet geared at completely emptying your intestinal tract using a lemonade like juice made up of fresh lime, lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

Lemonade Recipe

  • 2 oz. of fresh squeezed lemon juice. (not bottled lemon juice, or lemonade)
  • 2 oz. of maple syrup
  • 1/4 of a teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2 Cups of Water

There are many versions of this master cleanse diet on the internet, but the die-hard lemonade dieters follow the diet for 10-14 days drinking only the above drink six to twelve times a day. Some online versions of the diet also allow you to drink Herbal or Slimming Teas in addition to the Lemonade. Although why you would need a slimming tea to act as a laxative when the “lemonade juice” will work through your intestinal tract is beyond our understanding.

Followers of this diet can expect some unpleasant side effects which will include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness/Nausea
  • Decrease in energy
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Extreme hunger

Beyonce did admit to Oprah that she also included fresh vegetables in her 14-day cleanse. She said following the cleanse was necessary because they switched from filming her character from age 16 to 36 years of age with only two weeks in between. She wanted her character to be realistic she was quoted as saying “Back in the sixties, models like Twiggy were popular and I knew Deena would have been thin then.”  Beyonce was also quoted as saying that a nutritionist recommended the fast for quick weight loss and “As soon as it was over, I gained the weight back.”