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Smoothie Blenders: How To Choose, How Much To Pay

So. You know you want to buy a smoothie blender, but you don’t know where to start. That’s okay. The good news is that there are so many different smoothie blenders out there, you’ll have more than enough to pick from. That also means you have some choices to make: if you’re indecisive, that could be bad news, but we really don’t think it is.

Smoothie blenders come in dozens of shapes and sizes, with different powered motors, differently shaped blades, and a few different innovative features in some of the most notable models. And of course, they come with different price tags. Here’s a look at some of your options to help you choose the best smoothie blender for you.

  • Size. Some smoothie blenders make individual servings such as mini blenders. Others can feed a crowd. And of course, plenty are somewhere in between. Choose a smoothie blender size based on two main factors: how you plan to use it, and how much space you have. If you want to whip up a smoothie to take with on your drive to work, a small size is best. If you want to have big parties in your back yard with plenty of blended beverages for all, a larger party-sized smoothie blender is a better bet. And of course, only get a blender you actually have room for in your kitchen.
  • Functions / Options. You may think that a blender is a blender, but some specifically designed smoothie blenders have some functions that are pretty unique. More and more come with an easy pouring spout on the side of the pitcher, so you just place a glass underneath and flip a tab to fill the glass, rather than removing the whole pitcher and its lid to pour and make a mess. Others have drip-catching trays, or lids with stir sticks to help blend a perfectly smooth smoothie every time.

How much you pay depends on how serious you are about your smoothie blender, and also your budget. For most people, a blender in the $40-$60 range is good for occasional use. If you’re serious about a high quality top notch smoothie blender, somewhere in the $100 should get you a quality machine.

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French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet

French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet

It just sounds misleading, but it’s just the diet that hails from France. It was created by (yes, you’re right) a Frenchwoman named Mireille Guiliano. It might seem like a mere publicity stunt, but it’s really worth the try.

According to Mireille, French women remain slim because of two ways: by savoring high quality foods through the eyes and taste buds. The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet advocates enjoying your food cerebrally by eating slowly and with purpose. This prevents us you from overeating since chewing your food slowly makes you feel full and reduces the amount of food that end up in your mouth.

When we order at our favorite restaurant, or eat even in the comforts of our home, we see to it that we savor the best out of our every buck. We don’t realize that it is our waistlines that are paying for the price. The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet teaches us to maintain discipline and change our eating behavior. It promotes the practicing of portion control.

What Needs To Be Done?

Grab a copy of the book so you can follow the diet closely. The diet plan kicks off with a two-day Leek soup special. Leek, which is a kind of onion, is the main component of the soup. Aside from the soup, the only thing that the dieter should consume in two days is water. The purpose of the soup marathon is to flush harmful toxins from the body and cleanse the palate.

After the two-day consumption of soup, you will notice that you have largely lost water weight. You can start to build up your metabolism and diet menu the French way. Before you do your eating plan, it is required of you to assess the food you normally eat and needed to discard for the transformation to a healthier you.

Mireille advices dieters to eat lean meats, poultry and fish. Vegetables and fruits are also essential to the diet. Two servings of yogurt are also required in the diet to supply calcium to the body and conquer your hunger. Consider keeping a food journal so you can see where your weight loss problems lie.

Avoid distractions while eating. Make every minute of your meal count, feast your eyes on the courses and let your taste buds savor them completely. Don’t be afraid to use seasonings you’ve never tried before to draw out the flavor from your food. Cayenne paper and other hot spices are great for revving up your metabolism.

Exercise is not a major requirement for the program but it is recommended for you to do some physical activity. You can combine an exercise you like with the diet for better results.

Using the French’s food practices, you can help yourself lose some weight and start enjoying your food for good health.

The Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program

The Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program

Does the name ring a bell? You might have heard of Jillian Michaels if you’re familiar with NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” Jillian is the tough trainer from the show, and she’s sharing the diet program that helped transform some contestants on the ranch with you.

Watching “The Biggest Loser,” we are impressed with the successful weight-loss undergone by some of the contestants. But, you don’t need to be on the show just to learn from the advice of trainers. Jillian says that anyone can do it in the comfort of their own homes.

Jillian’s weight-loss program is based on three principles: weight loss, behavior modification, and exercise. As the saying goes, you are what you eat and what you eat certainly becomes part of you as the day ends. Eating more than what you need based on what you feel you need at the moment is the cause of overeating and weight-gain. This is where behavior modification comes to play.

Behavior modification is not always included in diet programs. People are not always informed on why they tend to overeat and how they can see food in a healthy ways. The principle will be put on the spotlight here in this diet program because it is essential in long-term weight maintenance.

Jillian has written a book on this, but it is much preferred for people to sign up for the online version of the program. There is a membership fee for the program and a five-week minimum. The online program will allow you to remain in contact with other people who have availed the program as well through forums. Also, you can personally ask Jillian a question. An additional fee entitles you to a home delivery of meals. A free week trial is offered before you can decide whether the diet plan is perfect for you.

What You Should Do

The main concept of the diet plan is to eat less and exercise more. It is a case of simple math. If you sweat out more calories, and consume fewer of it, then the result will be more pounds out from your body.

Exercise has always played a big role in Jillian’s diet programs. An initial evaluation is done through a questionnaire that will assess your level of physical activity. A custom-made diet plan with regular exercise programs is recommended based on the results. Suggestions on the type of food you are asked to eat and a calorie-limit is imposed each day are included in the diet plan as well. The eating plan is determined by the amount of carbohydrates (slow oxidizer) or protein (fast oxidizer) you need.

The website offers a lot of recommendation based on your needs so you’ll be off on the right foot. You are granted access to a variety of recipes and tips on the food you need to eat. Other exercises are available on the site as well. You are expected to lose one to two pounds a week.

If you are quite impressed and in favor of Jillian’s exciting approach in “The Biggest Loser,” then you should take advantage of her diet plan because it is exactly the extension of that. Jillian will be your guide in losing weight, shaping your body, and learning to control your eating habits.

Treadmill – The Ultimate Home Exercise Option

Treadmill – The Ultimate Home Exercise Option

Extremely busy people need to exercise too. However, those types of people usually don’t have time to visit the gym. Aside from that, exercising in a gym filled with people requires a great deal of waiting just to use gym equipment. Many busy folks have found a better option — to purchase a treadmill and do fitness workouts at home.

Most busy people go out of the office at night, which is a bad time to work out in the gym. The body is already tired at this point. Moreover, paying for a monthly gym membership fee is not a very good option in these hard economic times. In light of these circumstances, it is a better alternative to invest in home exercise equipment such as the treadmill.

Treadmills allow you to simulate walking and jogging without having to go outdoors. You can also pick up your own pace depending on your level of fitness and intended workout goals.

A walking workout accomplishes a lot of benefits for the body than the average person is aware of. For example, walking affects the entire body. Also, if you swing your arms to and fro while walking, you will be able to burn more body fats and pump up your heartbeat rate. Treadmill is the next best option to genuine walking.

Using a treadmill also saves you lots of money. For just a few hundred dollars, you can obtain this exercise equipment and enjoy great exercise hours in the next few months or years. Compared to yearly gym membership fees, a treadmill will cost you less money. Add convenience and comfort to the list of advantages.

Doing a treadmill workout allows you to do other things while exercising. It also allows you to exercise even on a tight schedule. Some people complain that the treadmill is a boring and tedious workout, while others find this an opportunity to read a book or watch TV while working out.

Recent treadmill units are portable and save space. Treadmills that can be folded after use are terrific options for those who have limited space at home. When not in use, you can store your treadmill inside your cabinet, sofa corner, bedroom, or practically anywhere in the house. Anytime you want to use it, just pick it up and have an intense workout on the spot.

When buying a treadmill, choose those with workout features. Treadmill models with an incline raise the effectiveness of the exercise. Using the incline on the walking platform, you can decide to go slow or fast. Some treadmills have preloaded programs that let you beat certain workout barriers. If you’re willing to accept the challenge, you simply push the button and sweat it out.

Treadmills are awesome investments for your health and fitness. They provide homerun advantages such as flexibility, convenience, and accessibility. Moreover, you also enjoy the benefit of working out at the time that suits you best.

Belly Fat Diet

The Flat Belly Diet

The belly is one of the large trouble spots on the average body for most Americans according to our reflections and our swimming physiques. Who wouldn’t want a sexy six pack to show off in the summer months? The Belly Fat Diet is designed to help anyone lose that hard to get rid of belly fat without doing crunches all day long.

The Belly Fat Diet was developed mainly for women as post-pregnancy weight loss is a major desire. Getting a tight stomach is hard for women particularly after childbirth. An important part of getting your body back is to lose belly fat.

Here are some of the basics of this diet program that has been so successful for women. The Flat Belly diet targets two types of body fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is a type of fat that you see on a body sometimes over the top of a belt line. Visceral fat accumulates on your internal organs and can cause health problems just like other forms of fat.

Often women experience bloating issues during certain life events. During ones menstrual cycle it can be the worst. You’d might have the thought that you swallowed a two gallons of water on some days. Getting rid of the excess gas and fluid in your body is not easy without certain pills. The Flat Belly diet trains you to deflate bloating utilizing different food selections.

Begin your new adventure to a flatter stomach with the 4-Day jumpstart period. With this diet some individuals have dropped as much as 7 pounds during this first phase. Food choices that make a difference include those that help reduce bloating and the intact of Sassy Water which is a signature drink created for the diet plan hydrates you while soothing your GI tract. You’ll intact a recipe of Sassy Water every day during the introduction phase.

Also during the jumpstart phase you’ll be instructed which foods to eliminate that could be causing you to have a bigger belly and belly bloat. The main culprit for both conditions is salt or sodium. Salt is a natural mineral found in the body and in many foods. But too much sodium and the tissues of the body begin to retain more water for the purpose of balance.

In addition to salt, eating too many carbohydrates like bread, donuts, bagels, and other sweets irritates the intestinal system. Most surprising is that even raw vegetables can irritate your intestinal tract. While well cooked veggies take up a smaller amount of room in your system. Also to be avoided are Gum and gassy foods. Any types foods that can make you swell up or chew excessively work against you.

The guidelines of the Bell Fat Diet are simple. You consume a total of four 400 calorie meals a day. Space the meals out every four hours. Only 1 snack is allowed. Eat the snack in the morning or in the evening after your fourth meal. Each meal should include a measured amount of monounsaturated fats. One example that will help you a lot is a fruit smoothie with belly flattening ingredients for a snack.

The diet also advocates lifestyle changes like exercise. Athletic activity is one half of any diet program and has the added affect of keeping your body in shape. You don’t necessarily have to do crunches but other belly trimming activities make those muscles stronger to complement your improved flatter stomach.

For obvious reasons the Belly Fat Diet has become a very popular program. One reason being the foods you eat are nutritious and healthy for the entire body. Some vegetables have been taken out of the diet due to their gassy properties but there are enough veggies included to satisfy daily recommendations.

Why not give this plan a try? At the minimum you can be healthier and lose some weight. At the most, you will have discovered a Holy Grail for women who struggle with stomach and md-section fat.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for the Summer Diet


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for the Summer Diet


Another thing that aids in losing weight during the summer months is the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available during this time. Colorful fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals, and add very few calories to one’s diet.


English: This is my own work, Photo by Gila Br...

English: This is my own work, Photo by Gila Brand. Basket of fruits and vegetables, illustrating the bikurim, brought to the Temple on the holiday of Shavuot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Berries are a good source of fiber and antioxidants, and a sweet alternative to the decadent desserts. Yogurt and other low-fat dairy products are excellent aids in any weight-loss plan; they enhance weight loss while strengthening bones and help you feel full and satisfied.


Vegetables, both fresh and frozen, are a good choice, since you can eat large quantities of them without adding a lot of calories. Beans, for example, are an excellent substitute for meat, and are the mainstay in many a vegetarian diet. They are also a great source of protein and are full of fiber. Salads can be a tasty way to stay on target; just make sure you limit the high-calorie salad dressings.