Ideal Workouts For Those New To Exercise

We all know we’re meant to exercise more but let’s face it, for most of us the thought of slugging our guys out down at the gym for an hour after work is not appealing. Then you’ve got finances and time constraints to factor in. If you have a family to look after exercise really does have to occur when you have time to fit it in and gym memberships aren’t cheap if you’re not going on a regular basis. Here are three easy exercises that anyone can do regardless of their current level of fitness at a time that’s convenient for them.


Like yoga, Pilates takes the view that the mind and body both need to be exercised and strengthened. Pilates concentrates on the overall quality of the exercise rather than the quantity. This means you’re not performing the same movements over and over again (which is the part of exercise most of us hate). Pilates teaches correct breathing and helps you centre the body which is why it’s seen as such a good form of exercise for overall wellness. Of course its physical advantages are also easy to see, by concentrating on the overall quality of the movement and holding these positions you’re strengthening those muscles.  Pilates is about much more than just stretching, it’s about elongating the spine to lead to better posture and flexibility, although it’s been around for nearly a hundred years its only really stated to become really popular over the last ten years after been taken up by several notable celebrities.


Most of us learn to swim as children and it’s a valuable skill to have. It’s hard to live your whole live without going near water and although it’s possible to drown in just a cup of water knowing how to swim could save your life. It’s also a very good form of exercise, like Pilates it strengthens and tones your muscles. Unlike Pilates it is a very repetitive sport but the tranquillity of the water makes it another great sport for promoting calmness and wellbeing. It’s a very cheap exercise (of even free if you have access to your own pool) and the natural buoyancy of the water means it’s a low impact sport which reduces the chances of injury. If you haven’t swam in a while it’s very important you take it easy to begin with, although it’s low impact it does work almost every muscles in your body which can be susceptible to injury. Our bodies will naturally float when submerged in water so theoretically anyone can do it which is why it’s a great exercise for anyone new to working out.

Tai chi

Tai Chi is another great way of getting in shape if you’re new to regular exercise. This ancient form of Chinese martial art is hundreds of years old and is popular all over the world. Its proper name is tai chi chan and it’s designed to teach grace and balance more than speed and power. You don’t need anything in the form of equipment, all you need is an open space and somewhere you can feel relaxed. Tai Chi is great for stress management as it help teach proper breathing through a series of slow motion martial art moves. One foot will usually remain on the ground at all times and the slow motion movements and the ongoing concentration on the move itself lend to it being a very clam and gentle form of exercise.

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