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8 Great Fruits To Add To Your Juice Fast For Healthy Weight Loss

This article has been contributed by Nick. Nick writes for Muscle Building Blog – He also follows and reviews fat loss and muscle building programs. These days he is following 7 Minute Muscle> – A program designed to keep you fit without spending hours in gym.

Doing a juice fast can be a great way to promote overall wellness and health while also helping you get a jump start on your weight loss.  While you should never carry out a juice fast for an extended period of time as you could risk a high amount of lean muscle mass loss by doing so, there are definitely a number of health benefits by doing one over the short term.

Below are some of the best fruits that you should consider adding to your juice fast to make the most of it.  Remember to include as much variety as possible as that’s what will ensure you’re receiving a maximum number of nutrients.


Almost everyone loves a good apple now and then and this is one of the top fruits to include on your fruit fast.  Apples are rich in a pectin, which is going to help to calm your appetite level and prevent hunger from growing too high.

There are many different varieties of apples, each with a slightly different taste, so regardless of your taste preference there is sure to be one that you’ll enjoy.


Second, another great fruit to include in your diet is blackberries.  Blackberries are especially high in fiber content so are really good for those who are looking to increase their regularity.  At just over sixty calories per serving, these are an easy fit into any fruit fast.

Blackberries also have a nice sweet taste and are actually one of the more preferred berries by many people.


If you’re looking to up your intake of Vitamin C, which is essential while doing a juice fast, mangoes are an excellent color.  When you can get this fruit in season you’re really going to love the unique taste it offers.

Mangoes are also a very good source of beta-carotene and vitamin A, both of which are important for healthy vision and immune support.


One of the fruits that will supply a quick burst of energy when you need it are grapes.  Grapes contain a powerful antioxidant that will help to reduce the risk of disease and act as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body.

They are slightly more calorie dense than some of the other fruits out there such as strawberries which contain half the calories per serving, but even still they will still be considered a low calorie food.


Another good fruit for energy purposes is the trusted banana. Bananas are one of the most widely eaten fruits around and have a pleasant taste that is enjoyed by most.

Bananas are a great source of potassium which supplies the muscles with energy so you’ll want to throw this into your juicer before heading out to do a workout.


Watermelons, cantaloupe, as well as honey dew melon are all sweet tasting fruits that have a higher water content.  Adding these to your juice fast is a great way to boost your vitamin C intake and offer up more variety.  Cantaloupe is also a good source of vitamin A as well, which is going to help you maintain proper eyesight.


One fruit that often gets forgotten about is the avocado. This is the one fruit that does actually supply a higher dose of fat, so many people do shy away from it when looking to lose weight but while on your juice fast, it would be a great idea to consume.

It contains healthy monounsaturated essential fatty acids which are going to be important for helping you maintain a healthy blood cholesterol profile.

Acai Berries

Finally, the last fruit we can’t forget that is often been touted as the ‘super fruit’ right now is the Acai berry.  This berry offers so many health benefits that you really must be taking it in occasionally so do be sure you’re mixing a few of these into your juice as well.

This berry is one of the best for fighting off the free radicals that cause cancer or heart disease so anyone concerned with these issues will appreciate having it on their juice fast.

So keep these top fruits in mind.  The more variety you can get the more you’ll enjoy the juice fast and the more benefits you’ll see.

7 Great Summer foods That Promote Fast Weight Loss

7 Great Summer foods That Promote Fast Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight this summer, you’re in luck because there are plenty of summertime foods that can be incorporated into your diet to speed the process along.  What’s more is that since the weather is warm and you’re outdoors being active, most people also find that their appetite levels go down, further helping them see the results they’re after.

The following 7 summer foods are ideal for fast weight loss and must be included in your diet.

Grilled Chicken Breasts

One of the best sources of protein around, and one that just happens to go perfectly on the grill, are chicken breasts.  Flavor these any way desired and slap them onto the grill for a quick meal in minutes.  Grilling is a great, low-calorie way to prepare your meat so it will really help to lighten the overall calorie content of the meal.

Chicken breasts also make for a great replacement for the standard hamburger so if you’re going to a larger BBQ dinner party, this is a great alternative without having to totally change the menu.

Grilled Zucchini

Another good food on the grill is zucchini. Many people forget the nice flavor zucchini will add to your meal and because it’s a wider vegetable, it’s far easier to lie on the grill to cook.

Whether you add it in with other vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, and peppers or just cook it on its own with a little olive oil and sea salt, grilled zucchini tastes great and will help you stick with your weight loss diet.


One of the best fruits of the summer, watermelon is also an excellent choice.  Some people mistakenly believe water melon causes too high of a spike in blood sugar to be eaten, and while it is true that watermelon is rated higher on the glycemic index scale, remember that you’ll be taking in very few calories total in each serving you eat.

Because of this, unless you’re gorging on a whole watermelon, you won’t be consuming in enough total sugar to have a real impact.

A cup or two of water melon is the perfect snack when you need something sweet.


Another great protein source that works well on the grill is shrimp.  Shrimp are incredibly low in calories and are virtually fat free so you can’t go wrong with this.  Consider brushing your shrimp with a small amount of olive oil mixed with crushed garlic and then spearing it with a wooden stick.  Place that over the grill along with some vegetables alternated on and you have a great meal in minutes.


One vegetable that’s also quite typical of the summer season is corn on the cob.  This vegetable is very sweet and while it is higher in calories than some of the other vegetable choices, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include it.  Have half a cob if you’re really focusing intensely on your diet or just have the whole cob but make that the main carb source for your meal.

Low-Calorie Jell-O Fruit Salad

Looking for something for dessert? Preparing up some low-calorie Jell-O while adding in an assortment of fresh berries is a great way to end off your meal.  Top with some lower calorie cool-whip and you’ll really feel like your indulging.


Finally, the last summer fruit that you should be adding to your day is strawberries.  These are a very rich source of vitamin C and will help reduce your cravings for other sugary foods.  These also work great when prepared up into a smoothie, so that’s something to consider as well. ce

So be sure that you keep all these summer foods in mind as you go about your weight loss diet.  By having them on the menu, you will guarantee your success.

This article has been contributed by Nick. Nick writes for Muscle Building Blog – Nick is these following a program called 7 minute muscle which is all about staying fit without spending hours in gym. His newsletter contains lots of such effective tips and ideas. Check out his blog for more information on it.

Curves: Bringing Back the Busy Women to Fitness

Curves: Bringing Back the Busy Women to Fitness

“If you have 30 minutes, we can help you”, they say. Few people are skeptical to start with, but Curves has already proved its worth. Truly if you have 30 minutes, they can help you.

You may be a busy stay-at-home or a working mother, and you are doing whatever you can to assist your family. Very often, it becomes quite stressful to work as well as raise kids and we start developing a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. This also adds up to having less time to give to your family.

It seems that gym fitness is always geared toward men. Many weights are there to help you becoming huge, but most of the women don’t do that. They simply want to do the required things and keep moving as their schedules are quite busy.

To fulfill this need of women, Curves has designed their famous “Curves workout”. With a combination of weights and aerobics, it’s a great training workout spanning 30 min.

How Does It Actually Work?

The weight machines used in this workout system are separated by recovery boards in a big circle. To begin with, you can use a weight machine or a recovery pad. You can spend one minute at each equipment. In order for resting the muscles, you can use the recovery board to jog, walk, or run for one minute in place. Then, you move onto the next equipment.

The lower- and upper-body weight machines used in the workout provide good resistance with the help of hydraulics. It helps to burn more fat quite effectively by working your muscles and the cardiovascular system in intervals. A whole-body workout can be achieved in 30 minutes.

Where Can You Find Curves?

The Curves fitness centers are spread across everywhere and you can join the one located nearest to your place. In case you’ve got to run the carpool some day, simply stop at Curves and have a nice workout beforehand. Before going to pick up your kids doing afterschool practice, you can run for a quick workout. Even after finishing your work, you can have a quick 30-min workout to energize you enough for enjoying a great evening.

Is There Any Support?

“The Curves” professionals realize the value of your time. They work hard to help you achieving your target. While being at Curves you can enjoy the complete support to keep yourself going and meet your fitness objective. For improving your level of fitness, they have designed a new electronic training system called CurvesSmart, with the help of which you can easily monitor your progress on every machine.

Are you looking for a workout scheme which will fit your lifestyle as a busy woman? “The Curves”  is especially designed for busy women, and if you are able to make half an hour a day, they can assist you leading a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

A Simple Detox Diet

You permanently have a feeling of oversaturation, you feel heavy and your stomach has taken proportions and you what to lose weight quickly? Then, it is time to start a diet to eliminate toxins from the body. More energy, glowing skin, flat belly and scintillating eyes are just some of the benefits of this diet.

At times, it is best to “deprive” the body of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and food additives, namely emulsifiers, preservatives and dyes containing precooked products. Vitality loss, cellulite, acne, bloating, not to mention the headaches, chronic fatigue, stress and allergies are all, in most cases, signs of a bad diet, with a high content of synthetic substances. And if you add a quick weight loss diet your body will suffer serious damage.

Experts also recommend a detox diet for the treatment of several diseases, not only to combat bloating and stress. But if you are under treatment or suffer from any illness, consult your doctor before starting any diet.

Liquids and fruits are the basis

The best time for this diet is the weekend because allegedly you have fewer worries and problems to solve. During this period you have to smoke less and to reduce coffee and alcohol. Otherwise, the positive effects will be less obvious.

First day

The first thing you need to do after you wake up is to squeeze the juice of a medium lemon a large glass with water and drink it. Then, every hour, drink one large glass of water. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat a fruit salad with a lot of apples and oranges – and perhaps other fruits, depending on the season. Also, drink herbal teas.

Second day

The diet is the same as the first day, only at breakfast and lunch you can add sesame and sunflower seeds.