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Belly Fat Diet

The Flat Belly Diet

The belly is one of the large trouble spots on the average body for most Americans according to our reflections and our swimming physiques. Who wouldn’t want a sexy six pack to show off in the summer months? The Belly Fat Diet is designed to help anyone lose that hard to get rid of belly fat without doing crunches all day long.

The Belly Fat Diet was developed mainly for women as post-pregnancy weight loss is a major desire. Getting a tight stomach is hard for women particularly after childbirth. An important part of getting your body back is to lose belly fat.

Here are some of the basics of this diet program that has been so successful for women. The Flat Belly diet targets two types of body fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is a type of fat that you see on a body sometimes over the top of a belt line. Visceral fat accumulates on your internal organs and can cause health problems just like other forms of fat.

Often women experience bloating issues during certain life events. During ones menstrual cycle it can be the worst. You’d might have the thought that you swallowed a two gallons of water on some days. Getting rid of the excess gas and fluid in your body is not easy without certain pills. The Flat Belly diet trains you to deflate bloating utilizing different food selections.

Begin your new adventure to a flatter stomach with the 4-Day jumpstart period. With this diet some individuals have dropped as much as 7 pounds during this first phase. Food choices that make a difference include those that help reduce bloating and the intact of Sassy Water which is a signature drink created for the diet plan hydrates you while soothing your GI tract. You’ll intact a recipe of Sassy Water every day during the introduction phase.

Also during the jumpstart phase you’ll be instructed which foods to eliminate that could be causing you to have a bigger belly and belly bloat. The main culprit for both conditions is salt or sodium. Salt is a natural mineral found in the body and in many foods. But too much sodium and the tissues of the body begin to retain more water for the purpose of balance.

In addition to salt, eating too many carbohydrates like bread, donuts, bagels, and other sweets irritates the intestinal system. Most surprising is that even raw vegetables can irritate your intestinal tract. While well cooked veggies take up a smaller amount of room in your system. Also to be avoided are Gum and gassy foods. Any types foods that can make you swell up or chew excessively work against you.

The guidelines of the Bell Fat Diet are simple. You consume a total of four 400 calorie meals a day. Space the meals out every four hours. Only 1 snack is allowed. Eat the snack in the morning or in the evening after your fourth meal. Each meal should include a measured amount of monounsaturated fats. One example that will help you a lot is a fruit smoothie with belly flattening ingredients for a snack.

The diet also advocates lifestyle changes like exercise. Athletic activity is one half of any diet program and has the added affect of keeping your body in shape. You don’t necessarily have to do crunches but other belly trimming activities make those muscles stronger to complement your improved flatter stomach.

For obvious reasons the Belly Fat Diet has become a very popular program. One reason being the foods you eat are nutritious and healthy for the entire body. Some vegetables have been taken out of the diet due to their gassy properties but there are enough veggies included to satisfy daily recommendations.

Why not give this plan a try? At the minimum you can be healthier and lose some weight. At the most, you will have discovered a Holy Grail for women who struggle with stomach and md-section fat.